Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journal 8: Alex Hustak

Alex Hustak
English 1109 Mon/Wed 10:30
November 9, 2016

Journal 8
          Active reading is going a lot better than the previous books has, I have been doing more highlighting and writing in the margins, and also writing a short summary after each profile. The strengths of the books so far would be that we get to see the world from other viewpoints which can open us up to a lot of different interpretations of our dreams and expectations. Challenges in the reading so far would only be from the shorter profiles because you are not really able to take much information from it.
            My favorite profile was the Tool and Die maker, Phil Kerner. I really noticed how he had wanted to achieve his dream and carry on the legacy of being a Tool and Die maker like his grandfather and his uncles. The drive he had for it stood out for me but it was all taken away from him when the industry was able to produce the same goods cheaper. At one point Kerner had said “For many years the manufacturing jobs were so good and so high paying, there was no reason to leave” (Isay 67). This made me research what the manufacturing jobs were like in the 1960s-1980s, this lead me to see that 22% of the jobs in 1977 that were nonfarm payroll were manufacturing jobs. In 2012, the nonfarm payroll that was manufacturing jobs was at 9% which is a significant drop. This shows how much the value of manufacturing jobs has plummeted.

            What is attractive to me in Ohio is the career opportunities we have from agriculture to the Honda plant, there is an abundance of careers and jobs for people to choose from. In Ohio there are plenty of Computer Science jobs that I could stay here for, but if an out of state job offered more for the same job in Ohio, then I would most likely move out of state. My dream state to move to would be Hawaii because of its natural beauty and its history.
I chose this picture because it is a good representation of the natural beauty in Hawaii along with the amazing buildings and architect they have. 

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