Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Journal 9

Dominique Sandusky
English 1109 Monday- Wednesday

Journal 9

            The profile I recently read that stuck out the most to me was Dawn Maestas interview. She went to school to become an ink removal specialist, which is something I haven’t really heard much about. I didn’t think it was a popular career choice, but she says, “..And the moment that I put the laser in my hand, I had one of those aha moments that you hear about but you wonder if they’ll ever happen to you. I just knew this was going to be my career. It felt so right.” I loved this piece of writing, because the whole book is about finding your calling and this is when Dawn finally did. I relate to her because I went through a bunch of different career choice ideas before I finally found one that felt right. I absolutely love little kids and I have a lot of patience for them where as most people don’t.
            I researched how many sessions people typically have to go through before their tattoos is successfully covered up, and it says it varies due to everyone’s immune system being different, but it usually takes between six to twelve sessions. It also depends on the density of the ink, location on the body, skin tone, and if you’re a smoker.  

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