Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Snapshot 4: Musics Meaning.

Damien Rodrigues
English 1109 Monday, Wednesday 10:30
November 1, 2016
Snapshot Four: Meaning of Music
            Music has a lot of different meanings to people, the thing about music is that what it means to one person can be mean something else to someone else. To me music means expression. Music is the greatest form of expression, whatever feeling or emotion that anyone has can dealt with a song. I think music is helpful when people are sad especially. Whenever I’m sad listen to sad music to go through my problem and happy music to get over it.
 I don’t particularly have a genre of music I love all types. The reason why I love all types is because all genre has songs people can relate to not just one. In my opinion I don’t believe that people should only say the like one genre. There may be songs you don’t like but you can’t dislike a whole genre because of that just keep an open mind I say.

            Since I like all types of music I really don’t have a single artist that’s engaging but if I were to pick one I would pick Meghan Trainor. The reason why I find her engaging is because she gives messages in her songs. One message I like that she spreads is that you don’t need to follow society and be skinny.  She focuses on the fact that body image isn’t important to be happy in life. She went so far as to take down one of her videos that were edited without her permission. Talk about messing with the bull a getting the horns. When I heard the song all about the bass it made me think back to middle school when I was so focused on trying to loses weight and fit in. When in reality the only thing me feel like that was me not anyone else. 
Meghan Trainor's new album

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