Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Journal 8 Terria Jones

Terria Jones
November 8, 2016

Journal 8: Callings reading response

My active reading in, “Callings” is going great. The strengths to this book is that the chapters are smaller so it is a lot easier to read quickly through. Also, reading everyones different stories about how they chose their career is really interesting. SInce I’m undecided still I try and see for myself if maybe I’m even interested in what they are doing. Weaknesses in the reading for me is I have to look up a lot of things to understand what their career is. I don’t really mind the research but I’d rather them explain a little about what they actually do.
My favorite profile from “Callings” would be Barbara Moore talking with her daughter Olivia. Barbara was a bricklayer. Her daughter looked up to her because she saw her mother that only weighed around 115 pounds doing a man's job to make sure they were financially stable. Her mother was not able to go to college because she did not have money. She paid for her daughters college by laying bricks. This made her daughter gain so much respect for her because she knew she was working hard for her to go. Barbara said to her daughter, “And whatever I did, I don’t feel like it was a sacrifice at all. It was always something that I wanted to do for you” (Isay 76). This statement and profile reminded me of my mother. My mom always does anything she can do to make sure I never struggle and I have the best life I can possibly have. I really liked reading this profile the most.
I don’t really ever plan on leaving Ohio because pretty much all my family and friends are in Ohio. I could never imagine leaving my family and friends. If I was to ever move out of Ohio it would be for a really good paying job. It would still be hard for me to move out of Ohio for even that. If I did move, I would love to move to Tennessee. I love the weather and mountains. There is always something to do in Tennessee. Everyone that lives there just looks so happy to be there. I’ve always said to myself that if I ever moved out of Marion, Ohio I’d move to Tennessee.

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Tennessee is so pretty and there is so much to do there. There are so many people that are always out because of the great weather. There is also a lot of places to explore and to have fun at.


  1. I like how you relate the mother from the profile to helping her daughter in life to your mother helping you.

  2. I can relate to you on not wanting to move out of Ohio because of friends and family. I would only move for a job if that was the only choice.


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