Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Snapshot 4

Tyler Beers 
English 1109 MW 
November 2, 2016 
Snapshot 4 
As a young boy, I always enjoyed listening to Jason Aldean.  While growing up when I was in the car I would listen to my Jason Aldean CD.  During long car trips either going on vacations or long trips to Pennsylvania, I always wanted to be sure that my CD was played.  My all-time favorite song by Jason Aldean is Hicktown.  Some other good ones that I like is Dirt Road Anthem, Why, The Truth, and many others. I have always wanted to go see Jason Aldean in concert.   
On Father’s Day weekend, this past year, that dream came true.  My best friend, Hayley surprised me with tickets to go to the Buckeye Country Superfest.  At Superfest, there was going to be 5 different country artists performing and the main performer of the night was going to be Jason Aldean. Hayley is also a Jason Aldean fan, I don't think she has been a fan as long as I have been. So when she called me, I was in a state of disbelief that she was asking me to go with her.  Without any hesitation, I instantly said, "yes".   
Like I said, my dream as a kid is to go see Jason Aldean in concert.  Thanks to my great best friend, she got us tickets to go.  Seeing Jason Aldean in concert was an unbelievable experience and getting to share the moment with my best friend was completely awesome.  During the concert, Hayley and I would sing along to every song like we were little kids.  That was one of the greatest nights because I got to fulfil a childhood dream and share it with my best friend.  I could never thank Hayley enough for taking me to the concert.  It is one of the best memories that we have together because we both got to see our favorite country performer, Jason Aldean. 
This is a picture of Jason Aldean performing. This picture also helps remember the night i got to go see him in concert.

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