Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Snapshot 4

Timmy Le
English 1109
2 November 2016

Snapshot Four: Music
Music has changed my life drastically. Without the type of music I listen today, my life would be different from what it is today. That weird stage that teenagers go through during middle school, I am one of them. The genre of my music I listen today and for the past six years is Korean pop music or k-pop for short. K-pop has change my life a lot after I discovered it. I gotten more diverse about things around me. I learn many things around the world more after I started to get into k-pop.
            The year of today is 2010; it is evening. I just got done with all of my homework I need to do today for my second year of middle school. I am in my room, on my computer, going through YouTube feeds. On a certain news feed, I see a video that catches my eyes. On the thumbnail, I see a group of people in a dance room. I click on the video and what I see next change my life. There are nine members in the video. They are singing in a language I have not heard of before. Their dancing is great too. After I got into more videos like this, I discover that I enjoy listen to k-pop and watching their dancing. The music went through my soul and the funk came out.
            My favorite musician, currently, is Taeyang. I like his music style right now and his dancing is great. My favorite song from him right now is Eyes, Nose, Lips. His vocal in this song is outstanding. Another song that he made was Ringa Linga. His dancing in this song is marvelous. Another musician that I recent got back into is Michael Jackson. I got the throwback on Sunday when I was going through YouTube. 
Thinking back of my six years, I realize that I changed a lot. I used to hate listening to songs that are not in English. But after I gave it a few tries; I fell in love with the genre. I start to listen to music from other languages and I like them too. The Korean language stood out for me the most so I stick with that one for a while.

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  1. I like how you can enjoy the music without even knowing what the singer is saying, it shows how enjoyable the beat and rhythm can be in a song. I really enjoyed when you said "The music went through my soul and the funk came out".


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