Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kyle Blanton

English 1109 M/W


Snapshot Four

           I don’t want to sound like the guy who always talks about how he was so good at sports and sound super cocky because that’s not who I am so I hope I don’t sound like one. When I was in high school I was just really known for sports mainly wrestling. As a freshman I went to districts and I was one point from going to state which I unlikely as a freshman. But my Sophomore year I was ranked number 1 and was pick to place at state but a senior took my stop and lost to a guy I beat twice before. I was waiting for next year to go to state and I also playing football and my junior year of football I was the running back when our starter got hurt and I was the wide receiver, and on every single special team, so I got hit a lot that game.

I thought I grab the wrong helmet at the time because it felt so tight but it was mine I took my helmet off and told the coach I can’t go in at running back I’m not feeling so good but I didn’t was to stay out so I went back in at linebacker and in at special teams. The next day they told me I have a concussion and I need to take a couple days off so I did but I didn’t feel any better and those days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I never go to play football or wrestle ever again after that. Today marks 2 years and 27 days with a head injury and I didn’t know why I deserved something like this. I was going go to school for sports but this happened and so I was very down that first year and as I was sitting on my brothers 6-foot bean bag he calls bertha my mom played the song “F*cking Perfect” by Pink and she told me that your still perfect to me and everyone around who knows you.
This is the cover I saw every time that song came on


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  2. The writing that is at its best is when you said "she told me that your still perfect to me and everyone around who knows you.". This quote is very inspirational for the time that you are feeling. When you're feeling down, it's great that someone helps you out.

  3. That is a great story about how your mom says your still perfect to me.


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