Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Carrie Crilow
English 1109 M-W
9 November 2016

Journal Eight: Callings

Active reading has helped me understand and remember chapters and details in a story that normally I would skip over. I notice that It's becoming a healthy habit not only in english class but in my other classes too, even in some personal readings in my free time. In the book Callings one really big strength is that each story is a new story and it's a new opportunity to notice certain ideas you may have missed in the past readings. One weakness I would say that is harder to do in this book is that since its all stories of different people with different situations it's hard to adjust with understanding the new people and the new stories.
One profile that really stood out to me was the Thomas McGarvey entree and how he became a dentist and a very successful man while growing up in a very poor environment. Thomas shared with a patient and a friend that he grew up with thirteen siblings and having his dad die in a coal mining accident when he was a young age. Every single kid had to work and give half of their pay for food and housing bills to help out their mother. I don’t necessarily have a personal connection with Thomas but when he takes the opportunity to join the Navy, it hits home with me because my boyfriend is currently active duty in the navy for similar reasons that Thomas joined for. Thomas ends his profile saying this, “You know, life lessons are our attitudes. So get whatever it is you want in your heart and in your gut. And once you’ve got it, don’t ever let it go.” (Callings 51) Thomas uses such a positive outlook on life when he could have very easily let his tragic childhood lead him the other way. I believe that having a positive personality with any situation can lead you to amazing things in life.
Ohio is a state that many people look down upon, there isn’t any huge tourist 

attractions that calls people into this state. Ohio is my home and it always will be. We have 

four seasons that lets us enjoy any kind of weather and the best football team there could 

ever be. Personally I have a desire to travel, I want to see the world and get out and interact 

with new cultures, that is one reason why I joined the military. For work I want to settle down 

in a warmer climate. My dream state would be living in Tennessee, the weather is usually 

always perfect and it's overall a beautiful state.

The Great Smokey Mountains that run through the Tennessee region 


  1. I agree with your weakness while reading the book. Its really hard to get into due to the different stories and people.

  2. I really like the quote you chose. I like how it says once you find what you want to do in life don't let go of it.

  3. That would be rough to have a love one die in a coal mining accident.


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