Monday, November 28, 2016

Journal 9

Alex Hustak
English 1109 Mon/Wed 10:30
November 28, 2016

Journal 9
The profile that stood out to me the most was Pat Hayes, the policewoman that had been abused by her father and then later her own husband. This stood out to me because it shows how strong she was of a person to be on the receiving end of abuse and still decided to become a policewoman. She found her own way to escape abuse from her father and called the police on her husband and had him arrested after being abused so long. Her strength as an individual is what stood out to me in this profile. This relates to my life because my father was a police officer and he would also describe some of the things he had to endure and talked about how horrific it was just like Pat Hayes, the policewoman did. My father would explain how he would walk into a room and could tell right away a dead body was in there by the putrid smell that stains the inside of his nose. Pat Hayes explains later how she didn’t want her daughters to follow her footsteps of being a policewoman. Pat says “I didn’t want them to have to put up with the things that I did, or the things that I saw”(Isay 161).
I did my research on what the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) was and when it was made. In 1933 the Marine Corps was reorganized into the Fleet Marine Force. The FMF consists of both naval fleets and Marine Corps’ forces. The FMF operated directly under the Marine Corps and was used in the Western Pacific during WWII.

I used a FMF guide for my source . This is credible because it is a guide of the history of the Marine Corps and gives accurate information.


  1. I like your research on FMF. It gives me more information what they are.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about the fleet marine force.


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